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Three tips for getting your business into the media

By 29 April 2022 May 2nd, 2022 No Comments

Getting your business into the media can be a very exciting thing – especially if it’s for the right reasons!

Red Platypus’ The Committed Creative Podcast was recently in the news as a part of a list on WAtoday of Perth-based podcasts to listen to.

It came out of the blue, with the reporter contacting us directly to ask if we’d be involved in her story. So, you could say it was good luck.


It was a thrill to our podcast in the news!

But when it comes to getting your business into the media, you can make your own luck.

The story request came about because we had been in the media before, had an interesting story to tell about a new project, and it just so happened to align with the reporter’s needs.

Getting clients into the media is something we are stepping away from, but we still have a deep well of experience we are happy to draw from to help you.

So here are three strong pieces of advice we have seen work time and again (that also work for us!) for getting your business into the media.

Do something newsworthy for your business

If you want to make the news, then make something for the news.

News organisations must fill the unforgiving minute of airtime or the blank page with content every single day of the week.

So, think creatively and come up with an event, promotion, insight, or opinion that will get you some attention from people looking for things to pay attention to.

It’s especially good if you can come up with something positive.

A great example of this is a client Carmen worked with a few years ago called Celebrity Ink, which donated free tattoos to people who had survived cancer.

A good news story with great images and lovely people ready to talk. No journo can say no!

It was a feel-good news story that essentially wrote itself – irresistible to a time-starved journo – with every element already assembled.

So, if you want to get into the news, think about doing something good that can easily be turned into a story.

Get your business into the media by winning an award

Hard work is its own reward.

But if you can get an award out of it, so much the better!

Every industry has its own yearly awards and if you are not entering them then you need to get onto it.

Not only is it nice to have your work recognised by peers, it’s also a very straightforward way to get some media attention, even if it’s just a nice social media post.

Local newspapers and TV stations are constantly covering awards nights and achievements by businesses in every field.

So, if you have done something good, let them know – send a media release, an email, a DM on social media, whatever takes your fancy.

On the flipside of this, doing good work in your field can often lead to media exposure by virtue of word of mouth.

Reporters are always looking for the next trend or the next big thing to publicise, because readers and viewers are keen for that too.

By doing good work and keeping up your own publicity efforts like social media, you can build a profile that acts like a magnet for media attention.

We like to think we’re doing good work! 

Keep the media relationship warm

Finally, if a media organisation does do a story on your business, it’s a good idea to follow up and thank them for the access.

This will leave a good impression with that person or organisation, and that will count when another story comes along that you might be a good fit for.

When I worked as a reporter and had to write a story on something, one of the first things I did was think of who I could interview for it to make the details come together.

If you are the easy and professional option, then you get the opportunity.

That said, getting your business into the media isn’t easy. Competition is fierce.

But if you can create stories, do good work, and come up with ideas, then you will give yourself an edge.