How resilience leads to business growth with Shannon Stone

In conversation with business and marketing consultant Shannon Stone.

In episode #66 of The Committed Creative podcast, Shannon Stone shares her inspiring journey of resilience and growth. From her early days as a single mother to her current success as a consultant, Shannon’s story is a testament to the power of self-belief and determination.

I loved sitting down with Shannon Stone because I find her story so inspiring – from leaving a toxic relationship to studying while trying to raise a baby and being driven by seeking a better life for her and her daughter. Shannon’s story is an uplifting one.

You can listen to the podcast in full here, or read a summary below on the topics we discussed and how Shannon helps business owners grow their ventures.

The path to entrepreneurship

Shannon’s journey into entrepreneurship began with a realisation that her job at Qantas was not aligned with her long-term goals.

After returning from maternity leave, she felt a strong desire for a different path that would allow her to create a better life for herself and her daughter.

This led her to pursue a degree in business and marketing, which ultimately laid the foundation for her career as a consultant.

"I went back after maternity leave and then I thought, you know what, it's not for me and I'm going to go and study business and marketing and that's how I progressed into what I do now."

The power of self-trust

Throughout her journey, Shannon emphasises the importance of self-trust and the ability to depend on oneself.

She acknowledges that building self-trust is a continuous process, but it is a crucial factor in achieving success. 

"The more that we can do this, the more that we can see our goals come into reality. So I think that's always going to serve us. The more that you work on your self-trust and your ability to, you know what? I can do this, even if it's hard, I'll figure it out."

The role of personal development

Shannon’s journey also highlights the transformative power of personal development. She describes how her realisation that she needed to shift her approach to marketing led her to explore personality profiling and coaching.

Through this process, Shannon gained a deeper understanding of her strengths and preferences, which ultimately shaped her consulting style. 

"I went to someone who does EDISC, which is one of the personality profiling type systems, and basically out of that she said, well, you're perfectly suited to marketing. Just the way that you deliver it is what needs to change and that's where you're finding that frustration."

The value of one-on-one coaching

As a consultant, Shannon has found great fulfilment in working with clients one-on-one.

She believes that personalised attention and tailored strategies are key to helping individuals achieve their goals.

"I do value the personalisation that comes from one-on-one. And whatever I do moving forward, like my vision is right now I'm an independent business and marketing consultant, but my vision is to create a consulting practice where we just duplicate what I've been doing with my clients one on one with other people that I train in the way that we do things."

Implications and potential impact

Shannon’s journey and insights have significant implications for individuals seeking to start their own businesses.

Her emphasis on self-trust highlights the importance of believing in oneself and having the confidence to pursue one’s goals.

Additionally, her focus on personal development underscores the value of self-reflection and continuous growth.

By offering one-on-one coaching, Shannon demonstrates the power of personalised support and guidance in achieving success.

These themes have the potential to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools and mindset necessary for their own journeys.

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