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From visibility to credibility - unlock your PR potential

Our PR consulting services help to build your reputation and increase your brand’s visibility.

We offer media relations, brand messaging, thought leadership, and other consulting services to reach your PR goals. 

As former journalists, we’ve seen how the media operates from the inside, giving us a good understanding of what drives a good story in the media and allowing us to pitch effectively and secure ample media coverage for your business.

“A good reputation is more valuable than money.” – Publilius Syrus

In today’s ever-evolving media landscape, it’s essential to think broadly when it comes to PR. While traditional media outlets such as TV and radio are still incredibly powerful, modern media such as podcasts and thought-leadership articles on LinkedIn have become increasingly important in reaching core audiences. 

At Red Platypus, we’ll help you to identify the media your target audience is consuming and develop engrossing stories that’ll capture the attention of both traditional and modern media outlets.

By finding a gripping angle that works into what journos are looking for, we’ll pitch a story the media can’t resist. Our goal is to help our clients establish and maintain a positive reputation by securing coverage in the right outlets which reach the right people.

Over the years, we’ve built lasting relationships with journos – connections you can draw on which’ll soon see you called back for repeat interviews on your area of expertise.

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