The rise of AI in business coaching with Em Gee

In conversation with business and marketing coach Em Gee.

In episode #70 of The Committed Creative podcast, business coach Em Gee explains how she is using AI to get her clients faster results.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, entrepreneurs are constantly seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of the game. One such innovation that has been gaining traction is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in business coaching.

AI has the potential to revolutionise the way entrepreneurs receive guidance and support, offering personalised coaching experiences at a fraction of the cost. In this article, we will explore the implications and potential impact of AI in business coaching, as discussed by marketing and mindset coach, Em Gee (Emily Smith), in a recent episode of the Committed Creative Podcast.

The journey to becoming a coach

Em Gee’s journey to becoming a coach was a diverse one, spanning various industries and roles. After studying marketing at university and working in the field, she felt disillusioned by the manipulative nature of marketing and decided to pursue a career in teaching. 

However, she soon realised that the rigid structure of the education system did not align with her values and her ADHD made it difficult for her to thrive in such an environment. 

It was during her maternity leave that she discovered her passion for mindset coaching and decided to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Em Gee believes that a solid foundation in marketing is essential for business growth and success, and she is committed to helping women unlock their full potential in both business and life.

The power of AI in business coaching

Em Gee’s latest venture involves harnessing the power of AI to create a unique coaching experience for entrepreneurs. She recognised the drop in revenue experienced by many businesses during the current economic climate and wanted to find a solution that would provide affordable and accessible coaching support. 

Her idea was to develop a chatbot that could coach entrepreneurs 24/7, using a combination of existing resources and AI technology. By integrating natural language processing and data sets from her membership site, Em Gee aims to create a personalised coaching experience that addresses the specific needs and challenges of each individual.

"I actually think going forward, evolution is so important and you don't know unless you try something different."

The benefits of AI coaching

The use of AI in business coaching offers several benefits for entrepreneurs. Firstly, it provides a low-cost alternative to traditional coaching, making it accessible to a wider audience.

The chatbot can guide entrepreneurs through various aspects of their business, offering suggestions and resources based on their goals and challenges. This level of support is available at any time, eliminating the need to wait for scheduled coaching sessions.

Additionally, the AI coaching platform allows entrepreneurs to work at their own pace and receive immediate feedback, empowering them to take action and make progress in their business.

Navigating the concerns

While the concept of AI coaching is exciting, it is not without its concerns. Some individuals may worry about the loss of the human touch and the potential for job displacement. However, Em Gee believes that AI should be seen as a tool to enhance the coaching experience, rather than replace human coaches.

The chatbot serves as a supplement to traditional coaching, providing support and resources that are available 24/7. Em Gee emphasises the importance of community and human connection, which will still be a vital component of her coaching program.

Furthermore, she acknowledges the need for data security and is taking steps to ensure that members’ information is protected.

The future of AI in business coaching

Em Gee’s vision for the future of AI in business coaching is ambitious. She plans to continue expanding the content and resources available on the platform, ensuring that entrepreneurs have access to a wide range of tools and guidance.

The chatbot will evolve to become more personalised, remembering individual goals and progress, and offering tailored suggestions and support.

Em Gee also intends to collaborate with experts in various fields, allowing them to contribute resources and lessons to the platform.

This collaborative approach will not only enhance the quality of the coaching experience but also create opportunities for experts to gain exposure and generate income through affiliate partnerships.

Learn to live with AI – it’s here to stay

The integration of AI into business coaching has the potential to revolutionise the way entrepreneurs receive support and guidance. Em Gee’s innovative approach to AI coaching offers a low-cost, accessible, and personalised experience for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey.

"No matter what your business is, no matter where you are at in your business journey, no matter what you're struggling with, there is a resource there."

By leveraging AI technology, entrepreneurs can benefit from 24/7 coaching support, immediate feedback, and a wealth of resources.

While concerns about the human touch and job displacement exist, Em Gee believes that AI should be embraced as a tool to enhance the coaching experience, rather than replace it.

As AI continues to advance, the future of business coaching looks promising, with the potential to empower entrepreneurs and drive business growth on a global scale.

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