Cultivating a positive mindset for business with Breanna May

In conversation with business and mindset coach Breanna May.

In episode #65 of The Committed Creative podcast, Breanna May shares her inspiring journey from high school teacher to online educator and business coach.


It was an honour to have Bre on The Committed Creative because she used to be my business coach and I’ve learnt so much from her – it’d only be right for me to introduce her to listeners so they can learn from her wisdom too!

Throughout our conversation, Breanna emphasised the need for courage, self-awareness, and authenticity in pursuing our true passions.

You can listen to the podcast in full here, or read a summary of the key themes around individuals seeking to align their mindset with their business goals in the article below.

The journey to authenticity

Breanna’s journey from law school to teaching to entrepreneurship reflects the relatable struggle many face in finding their true calling. 

Bre discovered her passion for teaching when she volunteered at an orphanage in India, but soon realised that her true fulfillment came from helping her students develop a growth mindset. 

This realisation led her to leave the education system and start her own business, where she could help empower others on their business journeys.

Breanna’s story highlights the importance of self-reflection and the courage to pursue one’s true passions, even if it means deviating from societal expectations.

Uncovering your true calling


Many individuals struggle with identifying their true calling and feel lost in their careers. Breanna encourages individuals to look back to their childhood and rediscover the activities and interests that brought them joy. These childhood passions often hold the key to our true purpose.

By examining what truly lights us up and aligning our mindset with our heart’s desires, we can uncover our true calling.
Breanna speaks about the importance of questioning our conditioning and discerning what beliefs are truly ours versus those imposed by society or others.

"I don't actually believe that [people don't know what they want]. I think most of the time we do know, but there are other things in the way that are stopping us from accessing what we actually do know."

Overcoming Fear and Judgment


Fear of judgment is a common barrier that prevents us from pursuing our passions and sharing our authentic selves on social media. Breanna advises us to examine the core beliefs and fears underlying their resistance to social media.

By addressing these fears and building courage, we can take the first step towards sharing their ideas and passions with the world. Breanna says the importance of normalising the pursuit of one’s dreams and finding role models who have already achieved success in similar endeavors can empower us and encourage us to keep going.


The impact on personal and professional growth


Aligning mindset with business goals has a profound impact on personal and professional growth.

By prioritising self-awareness and authenticity, we can create a business that reflects our true values and passions.


Breanna’s work with women in business focuses on helping them find their voice, speak authentically, and market themselves in ways that feel true to their unique identity.
By embracing failure as a natural part of the journey and being resilient in the face of challenges, we can cultivate the confidence needed to succeed in business.

"The more I know myself, the more my voice comes across... Confidence is usually earned... You have to be the person who runs into [failure] and goes, there is so much for me to learn here and nothing's going to stop me." -

Transforming into who you were meant to be


Breanna May’s journey and insights highlight the transformative power of mindset in business.

By embracing authenticity, courage, and self-awareness, we can overcome societal conditioning and pursue our true passions.

The journey to uncovering our true calling requires self-reflection, the normalisation of pursuing dreams, and the willingness to take consistent action.

By aligning mindset with business goals, we can experience personal and professional growth, inspiring those around us and creating a positive impact in the world.

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship, let us remember the importance of mindset and the potential it holds for our success and fulfillment. Thanks Bre, for shining the light onto this super important topic!


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