Finding your purpose with Lala Macnab

In conversation with creative entrepreneur Lala Macnab.

In episode #71 of The Committed Creative podcast, we sit down with Lala Macnab, owner of five businesses, to learn how she manages it all and finds purpose in helping others.

Lala has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and a wealth of knowledge and insights to share. In this podcast episode, Lala discusses her journey as a business owner, the challenges she has faced, and the strategies she has used to overcome them.

She also shares her thoughts on rebranding, the importance of finding the right team, and the impact of personal experiences on her business decisions.

Rebranding and the future of Lala Designs

Lala starts the conversation by discussing the rebranding of her first business, Lala Designs, to Paper and Ink Studios.

She explains that the decision to rebrand was driven by a desire to make the business more sellable and to better reflect the services it offers.

Lala also shares her experience attending a conference in New York, where she gained inspiration and insights into the future of the wedding stationery industry. This experience solidified her decision to rebrand and focus on providing a more personalised and high-end experience for her clients.

The importance of building the right team

Lala emphasises the importance of building a strong team and hiring based on personality rather than just skills.

She believes that hiring individuals who align with the values and goals of the business is crucial for long-term success.

Lala shares that she has been fortunate to have a dedicated and passionate team that supports her in running the businesses. She also highlights the importance of treating team members as individuals and supporting their personal growth and wellbeing.

"You've got to find the right personality type for the right job roles."

Balancing multiple businesses

Managing five businesses may seem overwhelming, but Lala has developed a system that allows her to focus on each business at the right time.

She explains that she prioritises her tasks and focuses on one business until it reaches a certain point of success before moving on to the next. Lala also credits her discipline and ability to delegate as key factors in her ability to balance multiple businesses effectively.

Overcoming challenges and finding purpose

Lala opens up about the challenges she has faced, both in her personal life and in her businesses. She shares that her husband’s near-fatal heart attack was a turning point that made her reevaluate her priorities and focus on her own health and wellbeing.

This experience also reinforced her purpose of helping others and making a positive impact in the world. Lala believes that adversity has made her a better business owner and a stronger individual.

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Lala offers valuable advice: she emphasises the importance of being 100% committed to your idea and having a clear purpose and vision.

Lala encourages individuals to write down their ideas, conduct market research, and analyse the numbers to ensure the viability of their business.

She also advises aspiring entrepreneurs to trust their instincts and not be afraid to take risks.

Be committed to your creativity

Lala McNabb’s journey as a serial entrepreneur is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and purpose. Through rebranding, building the right team, and overcoming challenges, she has successfully managed multiple businesses and found fulfillment in helping others. Looking ahead, Lala plans to stay the course and continue growing her businesses while making a positive impact in her community.

"You've got to be 100% committed to it and able to drive it through those times when you lose faith."

As Lala’s story shows, success in entrepreneurship is not just about financial gain, but also about finding purpose and making a difference.

By following her passion and staying true to her values, Lala has built a thriving business empire and continues to inspire others with her dedication and commitment.

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