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Share your story

Share your story

Say goodbye to mundane words and get your message out there.

Create an impact on those who matter.


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Everyone has a story to tell – but those who tell it well get a bigger slice of the pie.


Because sharing your story allows you to make deeper connections with your target audience.

And when your message resonates, customers love you for it.

And if they love you, they want to work with you.

Welcome to Red Platypus

Your home for content strategy, copywriting, and PR consulting.

Want to write about your business but feel your words don’t align with your brand?

Keen to launch a new website but can’t figure out what to jot down on the (web)page?

Feel like your business is the bee’s knees but no one knows about it?

Check out some of the stories we’ve helped to share.

Brands that trust us

Do you feel your website doesn’t align with your brand?

When you visit your website, does it make you cringe? Do you feel your business has a lot more to offer, but you’re unsure how to share its value in an engaging way? Or perhaps you don’t even have a website yet - you’ve been delaying its launch because you’re stuck for words. We’ve got you covered. Our website copywriting, blogging and email newsletter writing skills will give your business that extra sparkle.

Because your business - and you! - deserve to shine.

Are you a business owner looking to outsource your marketing?

We’re big on diving into the reasons behind what drives your ideal customer to buy from you. We take the time to learn about your business, gaining an insight into what you want to achieve and how we can get you there. Once we have this deeper understanding we can uncover your story to market your business in a way that connects.

And… story spoiler alert(!) Connections lead to conversions.

Are you a thought leader wanting to increase the visibility of your organisation?

The founders of Red Platypus are former journalists and news editors who get how the media works and understand what they’re looking for. We’ll pitch your story in a newsworthy way so you can be heard above the noise. Use our media contacts to make connections so you don’t have to worry about the legwork required to see your story up in lights. Opinion pieces, podcast episodes, newspaper articles, or TV news… the options are endless for where you can be seen.

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Want to train your team in content creation?

Red Platypus holds corporate training workshops on effective marketing methods and how to implement them.

Who we support

Red Platypus is a supporter of Classroom of Hope, donating monthly to the charity.

Classroom of Hope is a non-profit organisation that builds schools and distributes scholarships in rural parts of developing countries.

It uses recycled plastic, turning it into blocks, to build the schools in a sustainable way.

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