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VIDEO: 5 quick ways to grow your blog

In the video below, I give you five quick tips to grow your blog… that you can implement today.

TIP ONE – Index your website via Google Search Console to grow your blog

Firstly, the way to grow your blog audience is by making sure your website is FOUND by Google and other search engines. And this comes down to search engine optimisation, or SEO for short.

Now, if your blog is brand new, chances are Google hasn’t found it yet. Or if it is an established blog, but you’re frustrated by its lack of traffic, there are small tweaks you can make to ensure the search engines can see it.

Firstly, head over to Google Search Console and make sure your site is properly indexed. Here it will tell you whether there are any errors on your website, and if there are you can work to fix them.

Google Search Console

TIP TWO – Make sure your blog is keyword-optimised

Make sure every blog you write is keyword-optimised. Now this sounds simple, and you might have been implementing keywords into each and every post you’ve crafted, but have you researched these keywords to make sure they’re what people are searching for?

I use a free keyword research tool called Wordstream which helps me to identify which keywords will work well for my blog. You can plug your website into this tool and it will tell you what keywords would work best to grow your blog.

To choose the most effective keywords, opt for keywords that have a high search volume but low competition. This means lots of people are searching for the content but there isn’t much content available on the topic – meaning your blog will rank more highly and more people will see it.


TIP THREE – Craft engaging and valuable content

Once your site is properly optimised, you want to make sure it ranks highly within Google. To do this, you need to craft engaging and valuable content. I repeat, you need to craft engaging and valuable content. There is no way around this – you can’t fool Google.

The best way to make sure you write the best content on the internet is by Googling the topic you want to write about. Read the article that lands in the number one position and then write a blog that is better than the post in the number one spot.

By ensuring you have the best content on that topic will give you a much higher chance of making it to the top of Google – because it will tag your content as valuable.

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TIP FOUR – Build an email newsletter list

Make sure you are building your email newsletter list. As we saw recently when Facebook blocked all news content in Australia, you CANNOT rely on social media as an advertising platform to grow your blog.

Remember, your newsletter allows you to control how and when you communicate with your audience. You can continuously reach them without having to rely on a social media platform that could pull the pin at any time.

The best way to grow your newsletter is by giving away something for free to your audience – and asking for their email in return. 

Remember, it has to be something of VALUE. Understand your audience and you will understand what would be something of value to them. It doesn’t need to be in-depth, a short PDF with tips will do, but make sure it is something that they will find irresistible. 

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TIP FIVE – Build links… thoughtfully

Link building is another way to improve the authority of your website. The best way to do this is to get involved in the relevant business community. 

For example, if you are copywriters like us, you might join Facebook groups and make connections with other writers or people who need help with their copywriting.

If you establish relationships with customers who love what you do then they will link to you within their blog, or you could even send out partnership badges that they can put on their website. 

You could also offer to write a testimonial for them if it means they will publish it on their site and link back to you. Consider guest posting for websites in your niche that you love too.

The more backlinks you have from high-profile websites, the more important you will look to Google and the higher they will rank you.

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And there you have it – five quick tips to help you to grow your blog. Which one do you plan on implementing first? Let us know in the comments!

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