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How to get more Twitter followers

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It’s one of the biggest questions when you’re starting out – how can I get more Twitter followers? There are unethical ways, such as paying for them (which we wouldn’t recommend – nothing will make you look more bogus as a business) and there are easy ways, where you can follow a bunch of people and those who don’t follow you back, you quickly unfollow.

But none of these will help you to create a Twitter account you’re proud of. Like with doing anything successfully, creating a large Twitter following takes time and effort. (Unless you’re a celebrity or have gone viral already with a video or something similar.)

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So how can you get more Twitter followers?

1. Engage your Twitter followers

It sounds obvious, but your followers will only remain your followers if you have something interesting to say. Make sure you spend a good amount of time sourcing content for your Twitter feed each day so that everything you Tweet is interesting and relative to your business. I spend around an hour each day scheduling Tweets on social media – scan reading everything before I promote it so I know it’s relevant.

2. Comment on related Tweets

Interaction on Twitter is the key because this will help people to notice you’re there. If a company you’re following tweets something interesting, let them know what you thought of it. This will let them know you’re there and if you’re lucky they’ll become a follower.

3. Retweet interesting news

Sharing is caring. Retweet any Tweets that are of interest and tag the account in the Tweet to acknowledge that you’re sharing their content. Most often than not you’ll get a ‘thanks’ and sometimes the person will be so grateful for the share that they’ll follow you.

4. Create emotion

You’re not a robot. Show the human face behind your business. Tweet photos of your colourful office or your employees doing something fun. And if something important is happening in the news, get on board the bandwagon to show you’re listening to what’s happening in the world. Just remember how emotive this Tweet was:

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5. Create suspense

Have something important to say? Don’t say it all at once but hold off and give teasers to show that it’s coming. Use a countdown method. For example, you could say ‘Two days till we tell you our exciting news #nextsteps’ or something similar. If you’re launching a new product, use the same method to create awareness about when it’ll be coming available.

6. Don’t be shy

Have something important to say? Don’t be afraid to ask nicely for retweets. You might be pleasantly surprised when your followers help to spread the word.

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7. Forget the hard sell

Twitter isn’t about screaming PROMOTION at the top of your lungs. Sure, if you’re having a sale, Tweet it but don’t overdo it. People don’t want their feed to be full of unrelated sales promotions and if this is all you have to say, you’ll quickly find yourself losing followers.

8. Have a proper conversation

Don’t think of Twitter as a soapbox. Think of it as a two-way conversation at a dinner party. The more you interact with your followers, the faster you’ll gain new followers. One of the best ways to get started is to participate in Twitter chats – scheduled times when like-minded people come together to discuss interesting things happening in their industries.

Here’s a list of some of the best Twitter chats for entrepreneurs.

Another good technique for having a two-way conversation on Twitter is to have a goal of tweeting three new people each day. This can be somewhat of a challenge, because you don’t want to send a generic message to everyone (I hate those!) but instead craft something unique to say to someone you recently followed. Do your research and learn something about them before you Tweet.

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9. Use hashtags and @

Make sure your Twitter feed is easy to find by using hashtags for your keywords and by typing ‘@’ when you want to mention someone. Even if the person you mention doesn’t follow you, perhaps some of their followers might soon become your followers as a result.

10. Make sure your bio is up-to-date and make it easy to find you

It’s so easy to do but it’s sometimes overlooked – use your bio at the top of your Twitter page to show you off in the best light. It’s often the first thing your potential followers reading and helps them to make up their mind whether to follow you or not.

Also ensure your Twitter icon is visable on your website so anyone visiting your page can easily find out where your Twitter feed is. One of my pet peeves is not being able to find social media icons on websites I want to follow. If I have to search too hard for them, I normally just give up.

What other Twitter tips would you add?

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