long-term travel

Tips to help you quit your job for long-term travel

Last week we were having dinner at the Jazz Club in Cuenca with some new-found friends. When they discovered Dave used to work as a senior producer for the BBC, their first question was, “But WHY did you quit?!” Dave replied, “Because after reporting on the world for so long, I felt it was about time I saw some of it for myself.” People are often shocked that Dave would leave his stable job at one of the world’s best…

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How to make a routine while travelling

For the past four weeks I have been getting up every morning at 6 am to walk the dogs we’re looking after at our house sit in Cuenca, Ecuador. Three quarters of an hour later I make breakfast, grind some coffee, jump in the shower and make the bed. By 8 I’m out the door to catch a bus that takes me Spanish class for four hours, then I go to lunch with friends and head back home to do what…

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