How to get more blogging ideas

We’ve all had those days… you’re staring blankly at the computer screen and a few minutes pass. You simply cannot think of a single thing to write. And you know you have to post something on your blog before people start to think your company has gone out of business, so infrequent are your updates. But what to write about? It can be a challenge figuring out an interesting topic that will be good grounds for further conversation. Finding something…

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We reveal how we’ve managed to travel and start Red Platypus

March has been a very exciting month for myself and Dave. After freelancing for a number of companies this year, we decided to embrace all the work being thrown at us and launch our own creative content company. So without further ado, we introduce to you Red Platypus! Red Platypus’ aim is to help SMEs to create unique content that stands out, through social media, video content and copy writing. The future of Red Platypus We’ve got a few regular…

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