How to write a business proposal

Stuck on how to write a business proposal? Is the process dragging you and your business down? A kickass business proposal needs to be clear and compelling – identifying the problem, outlining the solution, and including a detailed budget. This article will show you how to write a business proposal that’s totally kickass and will […]

Blogging can make you money! How to turn your readers into raving fans

Raving fans are passionate, engaged, and loyal customers or followers who will go out of their way to promote your product or service. Blogging can make you money by tapping into this audience. Raving fans are an essential part of any successful business.  So, how do you turn your blog post readers into raving fans? […]

How to write kickass social media captions (with examples)

Social media can be so overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating. It sucks when you’re not getting much traction and it feels as though your posts are being lost in the void. So how can you craft content that stands out? Think about your audience – they are the hero of the story It’s easy to […]

What content should be on your website’s homepage? (with examples)

There’s no doubt your website is the core of your business marketing strategy. But what content should be on your website’s homepage? After all, your website is the face of your company online, and all roads probably lead there. Your homepage is often the first thing that visitors to your website will see, so it’s […]

Follow the process: What we’ve learned from launching an online writing program

This week we took a huge step and launched David’s online writing program – WRITE YOUR NOVEL. This program is a combination of online videos, workbooks, worksheets, and group coaching calls, all designed to help writers push their work in progress forward and deepen their creative craft. It may have launched this week, but all […]

How to establish an effective writing routine

Want to blog regularly in your business but are struggling to get it done? If your words don’t pour easily onto the page then I have two suggestions for you: Outsource your blogging and get it done with ease Practise blogging regularly with an established routine and improve over time If you choose the first […]

Master the basics in your writing – and then go with the flow

Want to master the basics in your copywriting? By mastering the basics, you can become a pro. Let me show you how with this metaphorical story… Pat McNamara is a former special forces soldier who you do not want to mess with. But he told Can You Survive this Podcast about a fight he got […]

PART ONE – How to write engaging emails that sell

After receiving a lot of positive feedback on my recent presentation at the Wanneroo Business Association on ‘How to write engaging emails that sell’ I thought I’d create a blog post summarising the key points. If you haven’t already downloaded the WBA session, you can watch the full masterclass here. WATCH THE MASTERCLASS ON HOW […]

The importance of business storytelling

BOOM. I’m reading a book about business storytelling this week and it literally has me yelling out passages to David every time something resonates. Which, frankly, is pretty much every page. The book is Building a Story Brand by the founder of marketing agency Story Brand, Donald Miller. Every business should read this book, no […]

Why structure matters for business writing

Everybody knows how to structure a story: beginning, middle and end. That follows a simple pattern found in the natural and fabricated worlds – roots then trunk and branches, foundations then walls and roof. Fiction writers and moviemakers revel in mixing this neat order up, starting near the end like in Pulp Fiction, or flashing […]