How to choose the right size HD video camera for your business

As web speeds gets faster and faster, video is racing to the top of the pile as a must-have feature on websites. As we’ve said before, video is king and if a picture tells a thousand words then an HD video is a novel! Video shows your best side A video with a quirky sense […]

5 tips for making your own corporate video

Any kind of corporate video is a fantastic addition to your website. It can be about anything you like; interviews with employees and customers, a guided tour of your offices or facilities, even demonstrations of your products and services. A picture is worth a thousand words but we think video is worth a million! Check […]

Why video is king

Way back in 1895 a silent black and white film screened in France is said to have absolutely terrified its audience. L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat showed a train chugging into a station, moving toward the camera. But according to urban legend many people were convinced the train was about to mow them […]

4 fresh ideas to make your videos more awesome

A typical business video goes a little something like this: Opening sequence of quick shots establishing the company and its products. Voice over begins explaining the company’s ethos. Cut to excerpt of interview with CEO. More shots of products, offices and employees as voice over continues. End. Short, sharp, to the point and very, very […]

5 inspirational video campaigns

Need a bit of a pick-me-up? Running out of marketing ideas? Then you’ve come to the right page – we’ve put together a list of 5 inspirational video campaigns that have been hugely successful online. You might not have the budgets these films did but they’ll still inspire you to create amazing content for your […]