When you say you’re a perfectionist, are you really just procrastinating?

Perfectionism or procrastination? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a perfectionist. I’ve certainly made a whole heap of mistakes and pushed things out there when they probably weren’t ready and could have certainly done with some refining.  I used to think this was a bad thing. That I took on too much, […]

Our favourite online tools we use in our business

We’ve been running our business for nearly a decade now, and over the years the tech has advanced SO much. These days, it’s really easy to start an online business and set up everything yourself – from a website through to emails, scheduling, and social media. Parts of your business that would’ve been expensive to […]

How to work from home successfully? Get dressed!

How do you work from home successfully to increase your productivity? Full disclosure – picking the brains of smart, creative people so we can learn from them is a big reason why we started The Committed Creative Podcast. But sharing those lessons is the best part, because we want to help build a community of […]

Our top 5 productivity tips

From sailing to subject lines… these productivity tips will help you get more done. Read on! There are few worse feelings than putting something important off. For me (Dave), the one that crowns them all is the boat that sat in my grandmother’s driveway for two years. I was gifted Kirshi – a 20 footer […]

Mission possible: Tips for working from home with kids

working from home with kids

It seems it’s time to embrace working from home with kids. With coronavirus rising, scores of businesses are sending employees to work from home to “flatten the curve” of infection through social distancing. But like we discussed in our blog post 7 tips for working from home during the Coronavirus, it’s not as easy as […]

7 tips for working from home during the Coronavirus

tips for working at home

The spread of Coronavirus around the world has swiftly changed our lives and with travel bans, social distancing and self-isolation coming into force, we feel there’s never been a more prudent time to share our tips for working from home. As part of this effort to ‘flatten the curve’ of infection, many businesses are asking […]

How to maximise your productivity

We’ve all had days like it… you seem to spend more time on Facebook than looking at that Excel spreadsheet you’re meant to be working on. Or you leave the office at the end of the day and you’re not actually sure what you’ve achieved during the eight hours you were sitting at your desk. […]