Following a creative vision with Alysha Anema

In conversation with Alysha Anema from Anema Designs.

In episode #63 of The Committed Creative podcast, Alysha Anema, the founder of graphic design business Anema Designs, shares her story of how she discovered her passion for graphic design and made the leap to start her own business.


Alysha brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to her work, helping clients build strong brand identities.

Alysha’s vibrant and soulful work has made a significant impact in the industry, and I was excited to dive deep into her experiences and insights.

Finding the path to creativity

Alysha’s journey into the world of graphic design and illustration was not a conventional one. With a background in marketing and accounting, she initially pursued a career in the commercial world. However, a burning desire for creativity led her to explore art as a form of self-expression. Alysha shares, “I used to do artwork on the weekends, driving out to the middle of the bush, and that kindled the spark within me. Someone suggested I try digital art, and that’s when I realised the potential of design.”

Alysha Anema of Anema Designs

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Embracing the soul of graphic design, branding and illustration


Alysha’s creative studio, Anema Designs, is a testament to her passion for bringing soul into branding and illustration. She explains, “Anema means ‘little soul’ in Latin, and my goal is to infuse that soulfulness into every design and illustration I create.” Her work is characterised by its vibrancy and ability to capture the essence of a brand. Alysha adds, “I specialise in branding design and illustration, and my clients come from various industries. What matters most to me is working with people who value design and want to create a strong visual identity for their brand.”


The impact of creative work


Seeing her designs come to life and making a tangible impact on businesses is a surreal experience for Alysha. Whether it’s a logo on a shop front or a mural on a wall, she feels a sense of fulfillment and joy. Alysha shares, “It’s incredible to witness the transformation of a brand through design. When I see my work being appreciated by clients and their customers, it validates the power of creativity and the importance of a strong brand identity.”


Navigating the world of pricing


Pricing is a common challenge for many creatives, and Alysha has had her fair share of experiences in this area. She advises, “Confidence is key when it comes to pricing your services. Ask the right questions, understand the scope of the project, and leave room for unexpected challenges. It’s important to communicate openly with clients and set clear expectations from the beginning.”


The art of effective briefing


Alysha emphasises the importance of a thorough and effective briefing process. She explains, “A well-defined brief is the foundation of a successful project. I have a questionnaire that covers everything from the client’s story and vision to their values and future direction. Understanding the client’s why and how they want to connect with their audience is crucial in creating a strong visual identity.”Anema designs logo


The power of networking and relationship building


As a solopreneur, Alysha acknowledges the challenges of working alone and the need for human connection. She shares, “Networking events and building relationships with fellow creatives have been invaluable for me. I try to attend networking events regularly and have formed a design group where we discuss different design topics. Building relationships and collaborating with others in the industry helps combat loneliness, and fosters growth.”


The journey of self-discovery


Alysha’s journey as a creative has been one of self-discovery and continuous learning. She advises aspiring graphic designers to trust their instincts and pursue their passion. Alysha says, “If the desire to start your own business keeps nagging at you, it’s a sign that you should explore it further. Start by taking on side clients and see if it’s the right path for you. Embrace the collaborative nature of the industry and never stop learning and growing.”

Anema Designs square logo


The future of Anema Designs



Looking ahead, Alysha envisions collaborating with other creators and exploring product-based ventures. She shares, “I want to continue growing my business and working with clients who value design. Additionally, I am excited to delve into product-based businesses and capitalise on my art and design skills. The future holds endless possibilities, and I am eager to embrace them.”

Alysha’s journey as a creative, and her dedication to infusing soul into branding and illustration, is truly inspiring. Her ability to create impactful designs and build strong relationships with clients sets her apart in the industry. As she continues to grow and explore new avenues, Alysha’s passion and commitment to her craft will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the world of design.

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