How much do copywriters charge in Australia?

You might be unsure of what’s involved, what to expect, and how the process works if you’ve never hired a Perth copywriter.

On average, copywriters in Australia charge $125 to $250 per hour. For bigger projects, prices can range from $500 to $3,000+.

Factors determining how much copywriters charge in Australia

A copywriter’s fees are determined by several factors, including experience, specialisation, education, skills, demand, and turnaround. The more experience, education, and training a copywriter has, the more they can charge.

Naturally, if they have specialised knowledge, are in more demand, and can provide a quicker turnaround, they can also charge more. The greatest copywriters can frequently command premium fees and attract customers who can afford them because they can provide examples of previous work, have strong positive testimonials, or a strong client list.

However, copywriters frequently adjust their estimations based on the customer and the nature of the task, because of how much this affects the time, effort, and mental energy needed to complete the project. Your copywriter’s quote could affect communication, niche, urgency, complexity, scope, and length.

Another factor is how booked up or busy a copywriter is. They might quote more expensively if they are busy or almost at capacity. The higher quote also protects them in case they have to work extra hours to complete the work.

When all these factors are considered, it may not be unexpected that copywriting costs fluctuate widely.

how much do copywriters charge in australia

How much agency-affiliated copywriters charge in Australia

There are advantages to using an agency, particularly if you need to manage numerous channels and skill sets for an effective campaign.

Suppose the stakes/risks are high and the situation is challenging. In this case, an agency will probably have all the essential skills in one place and the experience to execute it all without issues.

If all you need is a copywriter or content writer, and not any design work, going directly to a freelancer or consultant copywriter will provide you with better value for your money and more control over the process.

Need a copywriting quote?

It’s challenging to talk about typical project prices because they will vary based on the factors previously covered. The time a copywriter expects to spend on your project, the anticipated worth of the work to you (if done well), or a mix of the two will usually determine the pricing of the two.

Do you need a quote for your next project? Reach out to us and we can have a quick chat to suss out the scope of the work and get back to you with a price.

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