Do I need a copywriter for my website?

Have you ever wondered whether you should hire a Perth copywriter for your website? After all, writing website content can seem daunting at first, especially if you offer lots of information or products.

Writing web copy isn’t rocket science and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t write it yourself. However, hiring a professional copywriter might be worth it if you’re looking for higher conversion rates, better user experience, and greater SEO value.

These elements often come together which helps create consistency on your site.

A good copywriter can give you an edge over competitors who aren’t using copywriting strategies.

Here’s why you need a copywriter for your website:

To gain a higher website ranking

For any website to rank highly in search engines such as Google, it must have high-quality content. Hiring a copywriter will boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) level. It should also increase your site’s return on investment (ROI).

A great copywriter will ensure your website contains the correct keywords, is in the right niche, and caters to your intended purpose.

The goal of hiring a copywriter is to ensure your website contains an excellent balance of facts and persuasiveness to effectively target search engines.

To save time

Writing well-crafted website copy requires time, skill, and expertise.

You might be engaged in running other essential parts of your business, such as ensuring customer care and product market development.

In this case, creating your own copy may not be a great idea. Instead, consider hiring a skilled copywriter who will handle every copywriting aspect of your business

An expert copywriter will produce high-quality content that generates consistent results and leads.

do i need a copywriter for my website

To win over your competitors

Nowadays, almost every company has a website, which means the details of all your competitors can be reached with the click of a mouse.

Fortunately, many competitors don’t maximize their websites, particularly their web copy.

And so hiring a great copywriter can help you face the competition by ensuring your website looks professional and credible in fulfilling customer needs.

As a result, your website will have the potential to give your business great sales results.

To enhance your business image and brand

If you want to boost your company’s image, consider hiring a copywriter. Copywriters will improve your corporate image by portraying essential values and culture.

What appears as your web copy dramatically determines whether your brand and company match client expectations. A competent copywriter will capture your brand image and craft copy relevant to your audience’s needs.

At Red Platypus, we even go above and beyond this by sitting down with you for an initial deep dive meeting where we map out a complete branding, style and tone of voice guide for your written content.

In essence, writing in a highly competitive market requires a copywriter to do this properly –  embody your diverse values in a consistent tone of voice.

Your website copy is a vital part of your business sales strategy. That’s why you need to focus on other areas of your company and leave the writing to experts. If you want to make your site turn leads into sales, contact us for professional web copywriting services.

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