The benefits of telephone communication in building client relationships

What are the benefits of telephone communication?

The art of conversation is something we should all master – but there’s a daily practice that many of us neglect.

Picking up the phone!

Calling someone we want to communicate with – whether in business or life – can have a huge impact.

And yet, it’s so much easier to text. To email. To send a message on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

But this convenience can come at the cost of building a relationship – particularly in business, where connection with clients and peers is vital.

telephone communication
Pick up the phone!

Networking face-to-face

Obviously, networking face-to-face is the ultimate way to connect with someone, but with the current state of the world, less of this type of connection is happening.

Which can have a detrimental effect on our relationships.

Instead of speaking to someone, we’re relying on email. And it’s just not the same.

If you’ve seen your sales drop during COVID, perhaps it’s time to pick up the phone once more.

The benefits of telephone communication

Emails and texts can be pretty bland.

While emojis and exclamation marks can help convey your feelings, they can also look a bit immature or desperate.

And often it’s difficult to demonstrate what tone the email is being sent in. What is meant to be a straightforward email can come across as aggressive.

With a phone call, you can just be yourself, in that moment. You can demonstrate with your tone of voice how you are feeling. Aural cues are so important in conversation, and this is something that is completely missed over email.

Chatting over the phone, your client has the opportunity to hear your arguments, consider your ideas, and actually engage with you through conversation.

A way to have the best of both worlds is to record a video or audio message and send it through a messaging service like Whatsapp.

That way you can say what you think and mean clearly, and the client can see you.

When selling, it pays to send a video when you can’t get the prospect on the phone. For example, if someone follows you on Instagram, why not send them a short video to welcome them to your feed?

This personalisation can go a long way.

Text exchanges suck for the difficult stuff

‘Put it in an email,’ is a useful phrase… sometimes.

Texts and emails are good for short, sharp messages that require simple answers.

Emails are also good for clearly communicating something complex, with the added bonus of having an accountable record.

But when the going gets tough, a phone call can be the best solution.

It might be harder. It might be more awkward (at first). But the human interaction of speaking to someone will allow both sides to say what they think, and then come to a resolution.

And as an added bonus, a quick phone call can power through the equivalent of many emails.

telephone communication
A phone call can sort problems out fast, and keep building a relationship with your client.

Embrace the small talk

Lots of people say they hate small talk.

I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of it either – talking about the weather gets pretty bland.

But in a client-focused industry like marketing (and most types of business), small talk is the key to the kingdom.

By getting comfortable with small talk, you open up the possibility of developing a deeper relationship where you can understand their needs, and even anticipate them.

There’s a good reason why CEOs spend most of the day on the phone, taking people to lunch, or playing a round of golf.

They are building relationships that drive business.

Pick up the phone and you can do that too. Be the CEO that values relationships and you will see your business boom.

Telephone communication with your customers takes practise

When I was living in London years ago, I got a job as a telemarketer for a charity service, and called upwards of one hundred people per shift trying to engage them in conversation.

I was very bad at it at first.

But then something clicked. I got comfortable on the phone.

Now the phone is my friend, and it can be yours too – if you use it more.

So why not jump on a call with us and we can discuss this process with you further?

Go on, let’s have a (non-obligatory) chat. Start building those new relationships today with meaningful connections.

Are you good at picking up the phone? Let us know what puts you off the most about calling your clients in the comments below!

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