The real benefits of starting a podcast

At the start of this year, Carmen and I set ourselves the challenge of starting our own podcast, something we have wanted to do for years. The benefits of starting a podcast were obvious for us: it’s free publicity for us, it helps grow the business, and it grows our network and reach.

This coincided with our decision to go “all in” on Red Platypus, devoting our energies to growing the business and doing more of what we love – helping businesses tell their stories.

We put these elements together to create The Committed Creative Podcast. In the podcast, we interview creative people about how they made the leap from pursuing regular careers to embracing their true calling.

It’s been an extraordinary experience to publish the podcast every week and watch how it has connected with people.

But those aren’t what we consider to be the truly sustainable benefits. There must be more to any endeavour than just the bottom line.

Since we launched our podcast we have spoken to people all over Australia and the world about what makes their creativity pay.

The real benefits of starting a podcast 

You meet inspiring people

Through the Committed Creative Podcast, I’ve interviewed a magician, a pricing queen, a survivor of trauma, and a kid’s author.

Every one of them is an amazing human being and shared genuine lessons from their life and business experiences that have helped me on my own journey. 

The goal of the podcast is to uncover these lessons and share them with the audience.

But as the host, I have the best seat in the house! 

You get to help others

Leading on from this, co-hosting the Committed Creative Podcast has allowed me to share the lessons and insights I’ve gathered from the guests.

Our aim is to speak to a wide range of people across the creative industries so that anyone who listens can hear a different perspective from what they might be used to.

I think that’s what’s most valuable about hosting podcasts – that you are often able to tread outside your comfort zone, and then share the experience with your network.

This helps build relationships and deepen connections in an authentic way. 

And it feels good too!

Good podcast guests always tell you things you don’t know, or give insights into things you’ve never considered.

3 quick tips for making your podcast a success

Podcasting is one of the best ways to tap into an audience and market your business. Take a look at these stats for an insight into how influential podcasts can be. 

It’s not hard to see why podcasts can easily influence your audience. You are getting into their ears for an hour or so a week, so it’s easy for your audience to feel as though they truly know you. 

This is much more influential than a blog post that takes 5 minutes to read.

Statistics also show that more than 56% of podcasts have 10 episodes or less. This means if you make it past ten episodes then you’re already doing better than half of all podcasters! (And gaining a bigger market share.)

If you’re thinking about starting your own podcast, let me share with you three things that have really helped us get The Committed Creative Podcast up and running. Follow this guide and you’ll soon see for yourself the benefits of starting a podcast.

1. Be consistent

Most podcasts fail because most podcasts never get beyond 100 episodes, let alone 10 as I mentioned before.

But if you consistently deliver regular episodes to your audience, your chances of success are significantly higher. 

You can post every week, every second week, every month, or in a season that comes and goes with regular timing.

Whatever you do, just be consistent. No one can listen if it’s not there.

(Side note, we recommend weekly podcasts so your audience has a chance to make a deeper connection with you.)

2. Join an accelerator 

Accountability and deadlines go hand in hand for making sure things get done.

As former journalists, Carmen and I are very good with deadlines.

But as small business owners we sometimes struggle with accountability when it comes to our own projects, often shunting them aside to make sure client work is delivered on time.

To avoid this, we joined Amanda Kendle’s Podcast Incubator Group – PIG for short.

Every week we were given a task to do. It might have been to come up with a title and tag line, record an introduction, design artwork, or interview a guest.

By the end of the incubator, we had three episodes ready and were ready to launch.

Nothing like some accountability to get our podcast launched! (Side note: It also helps to have 3 or so episodes already recorded before you launch, so you’re not scrambling each week to get it organised.)

3. Ask for help

Launching a podcast can seem daunting, especially if you’re not techy. Our podcast Incubator was a great help for learning all the tech around launching our podcast. We recommend joining a similar group, reading a book about podcasting, or reaching out to a podcast expert to help get your podcast launched and live.

If you lay the foundations for a successful podcast from day one, then it’ll be much easier to stay on track.

If you’re interested, these are the podcasting tools we use for our podcast:

  • Canva to design our covers / images each week. (We use a similar format so it’s always on brand.)
  • Squadcast to record the interviews. This is more efficient than Zoom because it records the audio separately on both ends.
  • Garageband to record our intros and outros.
  • A Rode microphone and in-ear wired headphones as our recording equipment.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the audio.
  • Auphonic to mix the final audio to make sure all the levels are consistent.
  • Buzzsprout to publish the podcast across all podcast feeds.
Jasmine was one of my favourite guests, and changed my mind on how to price my work. 

Get podcasting! 

Launching your own podcast is a fun, rewarding experience. It’s helped us connect to some extraordinary people and learn from them.

By focusing on these core values, we’ve stayed consistent, and by joining the accelerator we were able to build momentum.

If you’d like some more advice on launching your podcast, get in touch, we’d love to give you some more free advice!

Do you have any other benefits for starting a podcast you’d like to mention? Let us know in the comments.

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