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How to build blog traffic

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You’ve just started a blog and like with this one, which has only been going for two months, you really want to build blog traffic.

It’s easier said than done, that’s for sure!

To comfort yourself, keep in mind that building up a strong following of loyal readers takes time and there’s no overnight solution (although wouldn’t that be amazing if there was?!)

Keep plugging away and working hard and over time you will see that readership grow.

To make sure you’re headed in the right direction, here are some tips (that we’re currently following!) to build up your blog readership.

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5 ways to build blog traffic

Think about your audience and give them value

We recently noticed over on our travel blog Double-Barrelled Travel that our readership numbers were stagnant. After talking to a few influencers and getting our blog analysed, as well as having a brainstorming session between us, we came to the conclusion that we were no longer offering value to our readers.

We were simply talking about our adventures – but why should our audience care?

So we’ve decided to re-brand our blog to ensure we’re still

giving our readers value because what’s the point in reading something if you don’t have anything to gain or learn from it?

Are you still giving your audience value? If not, perhaps you need to step back and reflect in order to grow your readership.

Interact with prominent bloggers

Many people know the trick of commenting on prominent bloggers’ websites in the hope of directing traffic back to your own. But don’t go about this willy-nilly, have some sort of structure to the comments you post.

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Rather than commenting on 50 different blogs a week, focus on 10 industry leaders and post on every new blog they publish. This way they will begin to see your name and become aware of you. Spread yourself all over the place and you’ll just get lost in the noise.

To help you do this, we recommend signing up for FeedBurner where you can register the blogs URLs you want to follow  and receive a notification every time they publish a new post.

Don’t post silly comments that add little to the conversation however. ‘Great post!’ doesn’t give much value. Ask a question about the post, point out how this blog will help you in some way, or add another point or piece of advice to the conversation.

Being a commenter that adds value will make other readers much more likely to click on your comment, directing traffic to your own blog.

Guest blog – but be selective

Guest blogging on other blogs that have a bigger readership than your own is a great way to build up your own following.

Don’t offer to post on just any blog though – do your research and make sure you’re putting time and effort into someone else’s website that’s going to be worth it.

Take a look at their readership – do they have a large following? Are their readers the kind you want on your own blog? If their followers don’t fit into your own demographic then there’s no point re-directing them to your blog.

Having a massive following shouldn’t be the only focus of a guest blog. The blog itself should have a niche that you think would work well with your own blog, or be of a similar calibre. It’s only by aligning these points that you will you start to see traffic being directed to your own site.

Use social media as best you can

You might think you need to be on all social media channels that ever existed but this simply isn’t the case. It’s better to focus on a few social media sites well than to be across all of them badly.

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Make sure you’re not just broadcasting across your channels – ensure you’re creating good interaction too. Ask questions to your fans on Facebook and get their input. Join relevant industry chats on Twitter and re-pin other companies’ work on Pinterest.

For every thing you write about your own business, write four things about someone else’s.

The stats don’t lie!

Make sure you use Google Analytics as best you can. It’s so easy to ignore where your traffic is coming from and all this does is ensure you work harder for less.

Take a look at how people are getting to your blog in your analytics from the past few months. If it’s guest posting that’s bringing in the numbers, focus your efforts on that. If Twitter is giving you 50% more traffic than Facebook then spend more time on Twitter.

By realising the strengths of your blog, you can play to them and input the same amount of effort but more effectively, growing your readership in the process.

And there you have it – five tips to build blog traffic.

Do you have any tips to add?