Many small businesses immediately set up a Facebook and Twitter account when they launch, but neglect Google+. It’s true that more people use Facebook and Twitter than Google’s social media channel, but you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of Google+.

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Why Google+ is important

When people search for something on the internet, 90% of them use Google. And, of course, Google will place its own social media channel – Google+ – higher than any other, meaning it’s important your business has an active Google+ profile. When you come up in a Google search it will also state underneath your business’ name how many people have you in Google+ circles.

Links from Google+

The brilliant advantage to Google+ is that you can make the links you publish do-follow links. A do-follow link counts towards your page rank, helping you to build up your business’ ranking and visibility on Google.

Unlike with other social media channels, such as Twitter, you have the option to improve your ranking by posting do-follow links on Google+.

Bill Hartzer outlines in this post how you can ensure your links are do-follow on Google+.

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Google authorship

You can link your Google+ company profile to your business’ website and verify your authorship, meaning every time you publish fresh content on your website, your ‘head shot’ will automatically show up next to it, with you as the author.

This helps to get your branding out there and increases your company’s visibility. For example, if you type my name into Google, you’ll automatically be presented with a little box from my Google+ profile which tells the searcher all about me (and my business).

It’s a great way to get your face out there for free.

Here’s a helpful post from Gray MacKenzie on how to add Google authorship to your website’s pages.

Google+ local

Another helpful promotional tool Google+ provides for your company is the Google+ Local function. Put simply, Google+ Local enables you to show searchers where your business is located and give them an insight into what you do.

It can also link to Zagat summaries, so if you have good reviews this is a great way to showcase them. On your Local page you can publish photos, posts and other useful information which will help you to increase your followers.

Here’s a rundown from Mark Walters on how to add Google+ Local to your profile.

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Google+ integrates with your other Google channels

Ok, so have I convinced you that your business needs a Google+ profile yet? If not, here’s a final point – your Google+ profile automatically links with all your other Google channels, like your YouTube and Gmail.

This makes it very easy for you to upload content across all your channels simultaneously.

For example, when you’ve uploaded a new YouTube video, you can select the option to publish it automatically on your Google+ profile so you don’t even have to worry about going through the process of sharing the video yourself.

What do you think? Do you have a Google+ profile yet? Have you found it useful?

Oh and please don’t forget to add us on Google+!

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