Is your blog share worthy?

You’ve spent a good portion of your day researching and writing up what you believe is the perfect blog post. You publish it, share it on your regular social media channels and wait. Surely this is going to get picked up by your audience and passed along in no time. But nothing happens. Sound familiar?[…]

How to write a social media strategy

Red Platypus is excited to announce that after weeks of hard work, we’ve put together for you an ultimate guide on how to write a social media strategy. In this guide, you will learn how to write a social media strategy for your business in a few simple steps. This in-depth guide but simple guide[…]

The benefits of StumbleUpon

Recently we started using StumbleUpon to promote our travel blog and it’s been so successful that I’m kicking myself that we didn’t do it earlier. In the past four weeks we’ve had three times as much traffic as we did in the four weeks prior. StumbleUpon now brings in most of our blog’s traffic and[…]

Some of the best social media analysis tools

Google Analytics is the king of website analytics but what about analysing your social media platforms? What social media analysis tools should you use for that? We use a number of analytical tools in our day-to-day business and making sure you’re keeping abreast of these figures will ensure you use your social media to its best[…]

Why you should be on LinkedIn (and how to make your profile look ace)

The other day I Skyped my dad and he told me he’d deleted his LinkedIn profile. This is how the conversation went down. “What’d you do that for dad?!” “Because they were sending me so many notifications it was getting annoying. So I decided I didn’t want to have a profile anymore.” “You do realise[…]

When’s the best time to publish a blog and promote it on social media?

It’s midnight. You’ve just finished your blog post. You hit publish and then visit Hootsuite to promote it on all your social media channels. You brush your teeth and go to bed. The next morning, you wake up and bounce out of bed ready to respond to any comments left on what you though was[…]