How to write a social media strategy

Red Platypus is excited to announce that after weeks of hard work, we’ve put together for you an ultimate guide on how to write a social media strategy. In this guide, you will learn how to write a social media strategy for your business in a few simple steps. This in-depth guide but simple guide[…]

4 fresh ideas to make your videos more awesome

A typical business video goes a little something like this: Opening sequence of quick shots establishing the company and its products. Voice over begins explaining the company’s ethos. Cut to excerpt of interview with CEO. More shots of products, offices and employees as voice over continues. End. Short, sharp, to the point and very, very[…]

The benefits of StumbleUpon

Recently we started using StumbleUpon to promote our travel blog and it’s been so successful that I’m kicking myself that we didn’t do it earlier. In the past four weeks we’ve had three times as much traffic as we did in the four weeks prior. StumbleUpon now brings in most of our blog’s traffic and[…]

Why you shouldn’t self-host your own video

You click on a video self-hosted on a website and it… Stops. Doesn’t work. Spends five minutes buffering and juddering and annoying you so much you click to another website. We see this all the time and it drives us nuts. Why? Like we’ve said before, video is king. Companies are using video more and more[…]

How to choose the right size HD video camera for your business

As web speeds gets faster and faster, video is racing to the top of the pile as a must have feature on websites. As we’ve said before, video is king and if a picture tells a thousand words then an HD video is a novel! Video shows your best side A video with a quirky[…]