Tips to help you quit your job for long-term travel

Last week we were having dinner at the Jazz Club in Cuenca with some new-found friends. When they discovered Dave used to work as a senior producer for the BBC, their first question was, “But WHY did you quit?!” Dave replied, “Because after reporting on the world for so long, I felt it was about[…]

How to make a routine while travelling

For the past four weeks I have been getting up every morning at 6 am to walk the dogs we’re looking after at our house sit in Cuenca, Ecuador. Three quarters of an hour later I make breakfast, grind some coffee, jump in the shower and make the bed. By 8 I’m out the door to[…]

How to maximise your productivity

We’ve all had days like it… you seem to spend more time on Facebook than looking at that Excel spreadsheet you’re meant to be working on. Or you leave the office at the end of the day and you’re not actually sure what you’ve achieved during the eight hours you were sitting at your desk.[…]

We reveal how we’ve managed to travel and start Red Platypus

March has been a very exciting month for myself and Dave. After freelancing for a number of companies this year, we decided to embrace all the work being thrown at us and launch our own creative content company. So without further ado, we introduce to you Red Platypus! Red Platypus’ aim is to help SMEs[…]

Checking out Portland’s tech start up scene

I’m not very cool, I’ll admit it. I think I was born with a neat side part in my hair and I always manage to look tidy and clean somehow. Even when I try to rough it up I fail abysmally. I worked as a farm hand once on my friend’s property and on my[…]

5 ways travelling makes writing easier

I’ve got a confession to make. I’m writing a novel. It began as a form of catharsis for the deep grief I felt when my grandfather died two months after I moved overseas to live in London back in 2009. But it’s evolved into an obsession that I can’t shake. Not that I want to.[…]