If there’s one word to describe Carmen it would be ‘dedicated’. After knocking down the door of her local newspaper fresh out of university and not taking no for an answer, the editor-in-chief created a cadetship programme with her as the first cadet.

A year later she left Australia for the UK where over five years she worked as a writer, senior journalist and deputy editor, working her way up the career ladder writing for business magazines and websites.

In 2012 she joined a creative content agency where she became an account manager, helping clients such as Shell and the Royal Bank of Scotland to form effective content. She led the video team, writing client scripts and producing videos. She also compiled the company’s social media strategy during her time with the agency.

Deciding there was too much of the world left to explore, Carmen left the UK and travelled for three and a half years while producing content for clients between hikes to Machu Picchu and scuba diving in the Caribbean. She now lives with Dave in Perth, Australia, where they have a daughter together.