Why you shouldn’t self-host your own video

You click on a video self-hosted on a website and it… Stops. Doesn’t work. Spends five minutes buffering and juddering and annoying you so much you click to another website. We see this all the time and it drives us nuts. Why? Like we’ve said before, video is king. Companies are using video more and more[…]

How to make a routine while travelling

For the past four weeks I have been getting up every morning at 6 am to walk the dogs we’re looking after at our house sit in Cuenca, Ecuador. Three quarters of an hour later I make breakfast, grind some coffee, jump in the shower and make the bed. By 8 I’m out the door to[…]

4 of the best inspirational blogs

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ Charles Dickens’ immortal opening line of his novel A Tale of Two Cities is as applicable to our modern times as it was describing the turbulent times of London and Paris during the French Revolution. Bang – In comes the iPhone. Out goes[…]

5 inspirational video campaigns

Need a bit of a pick-me-up? Running out of marketing ideas? Then you’ve come to the right page – we’ve put together a list of 5 inspirational video campaigns that have been hugely successful online. You might not have the budgets these films did but they’ll still inspire you to create amazing content for your[…]

What Savile Row can teach you about social media

In Japansese, the word for suit is ‘Sabiro’ – an echo of ‘Savile Row,’ the most famous street of tailors in the world. Savile Row in London has been hand making ‘bespoke’ suits and military uniforms for more than 300 years. It’s a street of tailoring houses collectively known as ‘The Row,’ a brand that[…]