My top 5 most inspiring books

Inspiration is for amateurs. The great writer Somerset Maugham once said something to the tune of “I write only when inspiration strikes… fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.” As much as I try to ape old mechanical Maugham, I’m still very much an amateur and need inspiration to get kick me along, though I do follow the spirit of his advice. A hard slog to a glowing achievement I finished my first book – Redgate – last…

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Dealing with self-doubt

I bit my lip. “Maybe we should move back to Perth and buy a house,” I suggested to Dave. We’d been travelling for 18 months and had made our first stop home. Seeing all our friends around us settled into their recently-purchased houses, many married and with babies, we were wondering whether we were doing the right thing. We love to travel and we are the happiest when we’re on the road, but seeing everyone take a more traditional (and…

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