How to ensure professionalism in the travel blogging world

I’m at TBEX – one of the largest travel blogging conferences in the world – and this year the main theme of the event in Cancun, Mexico is ‘professionalism.’ I settle back into my seat and smile. ‘This should be good,’ I think and smile. Tell people that you blog professionally and you often get raised eyebrows that either mean ‘that’s a job?’ or ‘you can’t be serious, my aunty blogs about cupcakes, that’s not a job.’ Rewind the tape…

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Is your blog share worthy?

You’ve spent a good portion of your day researching and writing up what you believe is the perfect blog post. You publish it, share it on your regular social media channels and wait. Surely this is going to get picked up by your audience and passed along in no time. But nothing happens. Sound familiar? The problem is, there are millions of blogs on the web. It’s hard to stand out. You have to make sure your content is exceptional…

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