How to maximise your productivity

We’ve all had days like it… you seem to spend more time on Facebook than looking at that Excel spreadsheet you’re meant to be working on. Or you leave the office at the end of the day and you’re not actually sure what you’ve achieved during the eight hours you were sitting at your desk.[…]

What Savile Row can teach you about social media

In Japansese, the word for suit is ‘Sabiro’ – an echo of ‘Savile Row,’ the most famous street of tailors in the world. Savile Row in London has been hand making ‘bespoke’ suits and military uniforms for more than 300 years. It’s a street of tailoring houses collectively known as ‘The Row,’ a brand that[…]

Why Google+ is vital for your company’s social media success

Many small businesses immediately set up a Facebook and Twitter account when they launch, but neglect Google+. It’s true that more people use Facebook and Twitter than Google’s social media channel, but you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of Google+. Why Google+ is important When people search for something on the internet, 90% of them use[…]

How to choose the right size HD video camera for your business

As web speeds gets faster and faster, video is racing to the top of the pile as a must have feature on websites. As we’ve said before, video is king and if a picture tells a thousand words then an HD video is a novel! Video shows your best side A video with a quirky[…]

5 top social media scheduling apps

Social media taking up too much of your time? As businesses, we all (should!) know efficient social media is vital for marketing your company well. But  it can be very time consuming. Personally, I spend the first hour of every day on all of our social media channels scheduling the day’s content. Then at lunch[…]

Why isn’t anyone reading my business blog?

Feels as though your blogs are well-written but that your still not getting as many readers as you’d like? Sometimes it can be tough to built a loyal audience but hang in there – they will come; you just need to be patient. When we first started our travel blog Double-Barrelled Travel, only our friends[…]