How to get more Twitter followers

It’s one of the biggest questions when you’re starting out – how can I get more Twitter followers? There are unethical ways, such as paying for them (which we wouldn’t recommend – nothing will make you look more bogus as a business) and there are easy ways, where you can follow a bunch of people[…]

We reveal how we’ve managed to travel and start Red Platypus

March has been a very exciting month for myself and Dave. After freelancing for a number of companies this year, we decided to embrace all the work being thrown at us and launch our own creative content company. So without further ado, we introduce to you Red Platypus! Red Platypus’ aim is to help SMEs[…]

5 tips for making your own corporate video

Any kind of corporate video is a fantastic addition to your website. It can be about anything you like; interviews with employees and customers, a guided tour of your offices or facilities, even demonstrations of your products and services. A picture is worth a thousand words but we think video is worth a million! Check[…]

How to get started on Pinterest

Do you own a craft, travel, food, fashion, fitness, beauty, decor, children or weddings business? Then you should be on Pinterest. Why? Because Pinterest lends itself to photography and your company is the type of business that is best showcased in this manner. What is Pinterest? Remember when you were at school and you used[…]