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Blogs connect with your audience and shape your image – as long as you get their attention. Red Platypus will show you how to express yourself online and gather a loyal following.


When you need more firepower, Red Platypus has you covered. From internal publications to ghost writing, if you’re tackling something complex we’ll make it simple.


Cut. Revise. Repeat. Every good writer needs an even better editor. Red Platypus can sharpen your words, polish your sentences and shape content into the style you desire.

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Who, what, where, when and why? The web is a new frontier but good writing is all about the fundamentals. Red Platypus crafts perfect digital writing tailored to your business.

About US

At Red Platypus we’re proud to be different and love to be innovative.

When the first example of a platypus was sent from Australia to Europe it was dismissed as an elaborate hoax.

In the digital world, new ideas for businesses and creative ventures that break the mould can often meet the same treatment.

But at Red Platypus – we get you.

We’re location independent souls who travel the world and work wherever there’s Wi-Fi. We follow our dreams and indulge our passions, one day and one country at a time.

At Red Platypus, we’ll take the time to understand your journey and help create the working freedom and creative expression you want in your life.

  • creativity
  • Honesty
  • Flexibility
  • Fun

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Our team

The faces behind Red Platypus.
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Chief creative
A razor sharp wordsmith, David consumes books by the bushel and has written two novels of his own with a third on the way. You may even get to read them one day…
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Chief copywriter
Carmen has a weakness for stationery and often carries around more notebooks than will fit in her suitcase. She’s working continuously to fill them.
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Kani Poly

Kani hails from Vietnam but her outlook is global. She has been drawing since before she could write, learning by copying her favourite manga comics.


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